Hello all:

I am an aspiring recording engineer looking for practice in the field; I have taken several classes in High School as well as Continual Studies classes at a local college in which I've had a little in-the-classroom experience, but I'd like to get more practical experience in the real world. If you are an artist/group (of any genre) looking for your tracks to be mixed, or a musician or band who would like to work together on any process of music making (mixing, mastering, writing, arranging, tracking, etc.), please contact me by my email address, I check it often so any response to this ad will be replied to as soon as possible. I can also do extra tracking with guitar, bass, vocals, and any instrument made available by MIDI.

Location isn't a problem as most of what I/we will do will be on the computer. I own Pro Tools 9, with no additional plugins or so on, but like I said, I am just looking to get some real experience. No matter how big or how small, anything will be appreciated; thanks for your time.
Check out my music, if you please.
i'm interested. my email's in my sig, send me one and i'll reply
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