Is there any point of buying Mustang II together with Squier Afinity Strat?

Currently I have Epiphone Les Paul Special II and Marshall MG10 amp but I want to get a Squier to sound more like Hendrix, Clapton or Buddy Guy. I cant afford American Fender Stratocaster at the moment. It would be pointless anyway as I play guitar for only 1 and half year. And I fell in love with this amp It's got features that I really need.
The Squier will be a big help for the artists you want to sound like. The Mustang II has also scored off loads of positive reviews both by consumers as well as professionals in magazines and the internet, and is generally regarded as an excellent practice amp with a "can't-beat-that"-value-to-money-ratio. All the better if you like it yourself, I think you should do it!

EDIT: About the Squier: It might not be the best you get for the money. Tokai also makes good strat copies, and when searching for a strat, I find that 2nd hand gear often offers the sickest guitars. It's not that the Squier is neccessarily bad, but it might be that it might need some work to get a good guitar our of it- the cheaper Squiers are often very hit-and-miss stuff. Have you looked at the Squier Classiv Vibe 50's strat? Absolutely fantastic guitar, and you might find one you can afford 2nd hand.

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I'll look into it. Thanks.

However, I won't be able to buy both - the Squier and Mustang at the same time because of low budget at the moment.

Should I buy the amp first? I'm very desperate to get a more bluesy sound out of my guitar. Not sure how Mustang would work with my Epiphone though.