I recently bought a delay pedal (Digitech dl-8) and started using it on most songs that my band plays, either with a light chorus effect or with a touch of delay/reverb.

The weird thing is, on most of the stuff I play, it makes everything sound better. It sounds more professional I guess. Anyway, my and the band played an open mic last night, and I got a serious amount of applause after one of my clean solos with delay, and then after the show, about 4 different guys came up and told me how good my tone was.

Is this an insult to my previous tone? Has something like this happened to anyone else?
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Yes, it's an insult to your previous tone. In fact, nobody likes your new tone. It's just a front put on to really piss off your old tone...cos frankly, it was shit.

Seriously though, yes it has happened to other people. You are allowed to improve your tone, your previous tone won't mind.

How about you upload the same recording twice? One with one tone. One with the other. Then the forum can give you their opinions.
Well it does sound better. I'm just surprised that other people could notice. Plus it's cheating!
Whether I am a hungry rabbit or a frightened carrot, my home is the same.
its not cheating unless used to cover up sloppy playing.

I am quite sure that those people arent guitarists, or maybe even musicians at all.

You will be surprised how easy it is to impress not-musicians with sonic effects. I once did a couple of volume swells and random overdriven-clean tone changes with volume pot. No need to say they thought i was a wizard

reverb creates hat feel of depth, so 9 times out of 10 a little reverb will greatly imrove your tone. Chorus on clean tone is always welcome, and delay is just fancy mumbo jumbo (unless you play echo etude) that makes others go "WOW".

No need to stop using them
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As long as you don't abuse it like the Edge, you should be fine.
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