You are asking for a cheap, vintage guitar?

Those words aren't usually put together when it comes to vintage guitars.

You would be better off getting a good guitar for <$500 that is new.

You didn't tell us what you like to play, or what features you want on your guitar..
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Try Eastwood guitars. Those guitars are styled 'vintage', upgraded versions of older models.
Sure, you can spend days and days on scouring yardsales, but the chances of you finding a vintage Kay or Montgomery Airline (just a wild guess ^^) are terribly slim.
Fact is, we live in an internet age, so every grandmother with a vintage sigarbox on the attic has put it up on Craigslist for 700USD sans shipping.
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Teisco and the multitude of off-brands is where you want to look.

Our local Applebee's has an old Teisco on the wall. It's got four pick-ups (not that that makes any actual sense), a bunch of switches to turn them all on and off, and a decent-looking vibrato. I'm curious as to what it sounds like....
Teisco's are great, I have 2 (e100, tulip) and there all over the place. I also have a sweet old cort that I wouldn't sell for $700 but it was pretty cheap even after new pups and tuners. A few weeks ago I picked up a 70's Madeira lp spec dc copy and I have yet to put it down. Tokai is awesome but beware the really cheap ones. Goya made some foxy guitars that can be had in that price range but imo, Goya's no Teisco and Teisco's a lil cheaper.
+1 on the Teisco! i have one and love it. they are very cool and give a great 60's surf sound. Look around on ebay and you will see there are some really awesome way out designs. $300-$400 will buy you one hell of a Teisco.
squier or epiphone.
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Vintage Guitars that go for under $500 do exist but they're all cheaper models. But are you under the impression that "Vintage guitars are always better"? Don't believe it. There were stinkers and wonderful ones back then just as there are today. With that said here are some cheaper company names.

Silvertone (The old Sears brand from the 60s. Both Danelectro and Teisco made guitars for Sears along with other companies)

Don't expect a guitar that plays very well though... These were cheap then and are cheap now. (Please don't buy one and modify it) Some folks like these vintage cheap guitars but you might be better off buying an Eastwood of some kind because you could modify it to your heart's content without destroying it. I did that... Sort of... I modified my Squier VM Tele Thinline to the point where it sounds pretty good to my ears and I'm near satisfied with it. Just need to do a little more tweaking.
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Ibanez EX3700, top of the line model of the first Korean made Ibanez, my cousin whom I got it from got it in a pawn shop for $200. I'm a firm believer that it's worth more than that. :P

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I like all the department store guitars from the 60's. they're cheap and look cool at time, but they don't play very well. also check out some 60's european guitars (contessa and lado come to mind) . sometimes they come up super cheap and they are definitely cool.
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Eastwood, Dipinto, Italia

I love the Dipinto and Italia lines, those guitars are dripping with awesome!
Ebay almost always has some great deals, but you're taking a risk buying anything without touching it first. Of course, ebay's feedback system is invaluable if you pay attention to it. If the price is good enough you can overlook some defects or correct them yourself. Your local craigs list will sometimes have something, so that works great if you're not in a hurry. Another advantage of craigs list is that you can dicker,especially if the seller is un-informed or in a hurry.