Thanks this is the style he plays but just a short piece he just made up on the spot while the mic was hooked up
nice sound quality is pretty good kinda reminds me of apologize by One Republic tho but its still nice
what did u use to record this and how
the recording set up was very low budget i think everything cost me maybe $15 haha. but it is an old radioshack microphone that i have had forever directly on top of an upright piano with the top opened dead center angled slightly towards the treble end. this ran straight into the mic input on my laptop and recorded directly into audacity then posted it. no effects or anything.
awesome piano stuff, i'm a sucker for the piano
can't help but think that this sounds extremely similar to apologize. like...lawsuit similar. ok well that wouldn't happen but it's really similar.
with some vocals and maybe a bass or acoustic guitar this song will be great though.

i think its a good basis for a song and would make a good verse to have some vocals over. if you can write a chorus and get someone to sing it will be a solid song.

American Circus
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well we looked at it and for some reason it does. strange were messing around in the basement and that is what he came up with in about 2 minutes but like that is only one part of a song like the intro to one of them. we have much more that are better but we were just setting the recording gear up and decided to see how it sounds.