Take a look at this listing:


It says a used Cordoba Fusion guitar for $379.

It is rather unusual for a GC used listing though. Usually there is only one of a used item, and the listing tells what GC store that used item is located it, and the item's condition (a necessity for used equipment).. For further questions about the item, more about the condition, etc., you call that specific store.

In this listing, there is nothing mentioned about what store it is at, and absolutely nothing about what condition it is in. And, out of curiosity, I tried putting two of them in my cart. It put them in, completely normally, and had me ready to check out, with two of them. That would not happen with a used item, which they only have one of.

So I wondered--might this not be the usual single used item, but some overstock they got from Cordoba at a bargain price, but due to some agreement with Cordoba, they cannot list it new for $379, but call it "used"?

Or--could they be demos, floor models, or seconds?

I called the GC toll-free order line to find out. The rep who answered though, seemed as clueless about it as I, and even after asking others, he couldn't tell me anything about it, the condition, etc.

What is your take, on looking at that GC listing?