This is about a friend of mine who has just split frm his misses and is dealing with 3 women at the moment (not sleeping with just emotionally dealking with) in different ways. Let me know what you think

Sweetness and light
You tease me with ease
One look at your face
Ill fall to my knees

Barriers up
There's no way inside
You don't look at me
With desire or pride

Distance between those exciting encounters
Coming up trumps, then suddenly flounder

What's in your head
The choices you'll make
Decisions changing
How long does it take

It crumbled down
A real disaster
You cut me up
To live life faster

Looking back
You lose your stride
The grass isn't greener on the other side


Pull me this way
Tug me that
Throw me away
Then pull me back
Maidens strike in different ways
when maidens strike there's hell to pay