whats up guys? i was wondering what music magazines you like to read, because frankly the only ones i know of are Spin and Rolling Stone and I'm getting sick of those magazines. What magazines do you guys subscribe to?

EDIT: I wanna suscribe to Total Guitar, but last time I did it nothing happened. I basically just lost like £20.



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Avoid Kerrang and Metal Hammer. That shit's too mainstream and entry level garbage.

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ya i've heard that, im avoiding heavy mainstream and commercial magazines so spin, rollingstone, nme, kerrang are all magazines i will stay away from
Are we talking guitar magazines or any magazines? Because I don't really read guitar magazines.

I subscribe to SoundOnSound which is a good music technology one.
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That shit's too mainstream and entry level garbage.

Why not try doing a search for music magazines on google? there might be a list.
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Fair enough, actually, good point LOL I'm just tired today. But I only read Kerrang!. I swear there was something similar to Metal Hammer that people loved, but not as mainstream?
This will start a RIOT! in me
I have a subscription to TG and I occasionaly pick up a copy of metalhammer if theres a decent free cd with it.
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I used to buy Total Guitar often, but now there's not enough stuff in there to interest me.


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whats ap

Alternative Press.

I also like Guitar Player, and Guitar World has some good stuff occasionally.
rocksound's the least shit.
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I collected Total Guitar since last September or October and I find it good .

Getting the new issue tomorrow
I've bought metal hammer religiously for the last two and a half years ...
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