Hello bass fellows!

I recently acquired a bass that I've been craving for three years now, and had all but given up on, being that it was made by a little boutique custom shop, and I'm pretty sure they're defunct now.

It's a UVA Instruments Thor bass, if any of you have heard of it, let alone are familiar with it.

I guess what I can say about it is that I half-love it; the bottom 3 strings are bliss. I can get everything out of them. The top three, the D, G, and C, leave a lot to be desired. They sound very trebbly and thin, and just have no cut in a band situation at all. In fact they don't even sound good playing on my own; I know that the C isn't going to see much use with a band, but on other 6es I've played, it at least sounded good on it's own. This one sounds all... twangy...

It has a single EMG 45DC in it, and some kind of 3-band seymour duncan pre. I don't think that's part of the equation, though, because I notice the same deficiencies in those strings even playing the bass acoustically. I also have a spector 5-string, which I'm pretty sure has EMG HZs, or SSDs, and plugged or unplugged, it sounds like I want it to sound.

I'm perfectly happy to take it to a tech and have it set up, which is what I plan to do, but the only guy in my area is a self-professed novice when it comes to basses, so I thought I'd see if anyone here could point me and the tech in the right direction.

TL;DR - Awful, twangy tone in the top 3 strings of my high-end 6-string bass, persists regardless of EQ.
Have you changed the strings since you bought it?
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Yeah, changed 'em straight away. DR Coated, which, if anything, should be too dark, not too bright and thin. Plus they're what I have on the Spector.
A few things to consider when dealing with a six-string bass: first, that "C" string is about the same thickness as an electric guitar's "A" string, so don't expect a bass tone out of it. Balancing the tone of all six strings on your bass is going to be more of an EQ issue than a setup issue, though if you're playing with a low action and the pickups are evenly close to the strings across all six strings, you're going to get a lot of high-end tone and a lot more volume on the three high strings.

I'd recommend a professional setup; preferably by someone who is familiar with six-string basses.

Is this your bass?

If so, it looks like it can hurt you.
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That *is* my bass, except no skull inlays, and with frets.

It feels like dating a super model; so beautiful, so dense... Or at least high maintenance...

If anything my problem is more that the top strings are coming through with less volume, and also that it's the top 3 strings, not just the C, it's just worst on the C.

Assuming I get unlucky and can't find anyone who specialises in 6es, can you think of anything to specifically mention, that they may not think of on their own?

Thank heaps!
You might want to lower the treble side of the pickup (if that's possible) to keep the high pitched strings from ringing out too much. Other than that, it is the same as any other bass setup, except with two extra strings.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley