So I've been looking at guitars recently. Right now I have a Washburn X-10, it came with a starter pack and yeah, it's pretty bad.
I all ready got myself a new amp, a Peavey 75. The tone is still very weak though, in my opinion. I play mostly metal, my price range was to ca 350€, but I increased it, because the ones in the 300s weren't too good, or so it seems to me.

These are some, which I considered.

Jackson JS32 King V: http://www.thomann.de/de/jackson_js32_king_v_wfr_bk.htm
JACKSON PDX DEMMELITION KING V RD: http://www.thomann.de/de/jackson_pdx_demmelition_king_v_rd.htm
Cort X-6 VPR: http://www.thomann.de/de/cort_x6_vpr.htm
BC Rich Warbeast WMD: http://www.thomann.de/de/bc_rich_warbeast_wmd.htm

So basically I was looking at Ltds and Jacksons. I really liked the Jackson PDX one, but it's a signature series one and 1) I don't like the band in which he plays, and I don't really want to play any signature guitars; 2) Signature series ones are generally overpriced, as I have understood. So I found this Cort one, and I read some positive things about it. Thought I could buy this, because it wasn't too pricey as well, compared to the signature one. I didn't really like the shape though, I'm probably sick of it due to the guitar I have right now. So then I found this Warbeast, I know, that BCs are considered very bad, and looking at the 100-200€ ones, I can see why. This one has an Original Floyd Rose and has a neck through maple neck, I don't know anything about the pick-ups though, the quality of YouTube videos isn't the best either, it seemed good to me, but it just might seem like that to me. It's also cheaper than the Jackson PDX, though not much.

Right now I'm thinking of getting the BC Rich, but maybe anyone can give me a better suggestion, thanks.
The cort guitar actually has better specs (in my opinion) but if you aren't going to enjoy looking at it every time you pick it up don't get it, I'm not sure about the rest but you could probably find better deals/guitars for the same price...
cort is great stuff. i owned the x6 vpr and will be repurchasing it soon as i have the money. however. if your tone is weak, its the amp, not the guitar. i had the vypyr 75 and it was awful. never got a good tone, always had issues with it. your better off getting rid of the amp and investing in nice tube amp. not a digital modeler.

btw, wrong forum
i will warn you though, the vpr's finish gets kinda itchy some times. sick guitar tho. i put a dimarzio x2n in the bridge in mine and it shreds