Hi there! I have problem with my floyd which is set to e standard with 10-52 and strings are kinda loose. When i tune it 1 step down bridge goes inside and strings are way too loose. I got 3 springs in guitar is it going to help if i take out one? If not what should i do to tighten up strings to be able to detune to d standard.
Loosen the screws holding the spring plate in the back. That will loosen the springs, allowing the Floyd to raise back up. Have fun lol
what do you mean by "loose strings"?

if you are going to tune down, you have to loosen the springs in the back

the reason for this is because a floyd is basically an equilibrium between the springs and the strings and the floyd is what conects them. you have to make the make the tension equal between the two, the result is the guitar staying in tune, an unbalanced system results in a guitar that wont stay in tune and such
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