Do any of you actually take the time to learn every single note ( or as close as possible) to what Hendrix played in his songs? Personally I just pick up the main groove, chord progression and then pick out any particular phrases that stand out. I pretty much only do it with Hendrix and I find his style of playing is so expressive that it sounds better if you put your own feel into it. Do you guys agree?

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I prefer doing that with any music - remember the albums that an artist releases are only how they played something once. When you see them in concert, the chances are they'll play it a bit differently to express how they feel at that moment, so there's no reason why you shouldn't put your own expression into it when you're playing.
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I do that a lot too but tbh half the time it's because I'm too lazy to learn it note for note. Sometimes if I'm looking for a challenge I will learn note for note though since usually if I do it my way I arrange it so it's slightly easier for me to play.
I never learn every single note for any song that I learn.
I love to add my own influence to the songs, whilst keeping the most memorable phrases as they are. ^^
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