Hi GG&A... So a little less than a month ago, I bought a used Palomino v32, and it's been working flawlessly until the other day. I plugged it in, turned it on as usual, and started playing, when it suddenly made a loud pop. Directly proceeding this, there was more background noise coming from the amp than there usually is, and about fifteen seconds later, the amp started making a nasty squealing noise, kind of like someone was scratching his nails across a chalkboard... If anybody has any idea what's causing this, your help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

EDIT: I'm not a very good DIY person, but luckily the amp is still under warranty or I can still take it back right now if necessary.
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take it back and get it repaired, those are pretty good amps. Does it have the Tone Tubbies speakers in it?
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