Alright, just the usual, I wrote a song, just me and my acoustic this time. I tried to get my vocals louder up on this one, sorry its not double tracked.
here it is- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A5TkMh-oZ0
please leave any feedback on anything

like always if you critique mine I'll critique yours back, just leave me a link and a few days and I'll do it.

You need tighten up the guitar alot and the vocals need work too but generally it's a good song. Sounds a bit emo and cliched lyrics but you got that blink 182 sound like in buddha. It's a good start maybe consider changing the team to the song and maybe if the lyrics are sad try to sing happier.

In other words keep at it and keep refining your skills.
I think it generally sounded very cliché. Sorry. The whole thing is very monotonous. Your vocals need some work, and the guitar needs some tighting up. The song itself is not bad at all though.

I'm not sure what kind of tips I can give you, all it takes really is practice. Recording your songs like you do, is a great practice to improve. What I usually do after having recorded a song, is just listening to it over and over and over again, while being WAY too critic. This way I know what to keep in mind, the next try. I usually try to find out what sounded good, what sounded bad, what I can do to improve it.

Have fun
just practice it a bit more. I think it has the chance to be alright, its just in one sense seems you wrote it and then recorded it the first time you played it. The singing and playing just need practiced together and that can bring out a total different sound sometime repost it after you practice!!!

c4c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_IfIUn9hzU
I agree with your own crit about it being rough, but i like it.
The chugging style and the progression are good, it does sound very blink 182 pop-punk style.
The energy of the guitar and the your voice fit together really well, even if it's not perfected as of yet. It's good, and with a bit of polishing it could be awesome.

Is it in standard?

Good job bro
i do like it. the guitar could be refined but that can be fixed. nice song i like the style of it.