Just got me an epi elitist and its a great guitar, but I think its got a bad pot. I dont know much about the electrics of the guitar, but My bridge pickup sounds like its tone knob is rolled all the way down and the knob has no effect when I turn it. Any ideas? If it needs replacing, whats a good but cheap replacement?
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Your pickup might be too low or too high, failing that, open up the backplate and take a peek inside, maybe you can see if the pot came un-soldered or something.

Pots are easy to replace though, and usually very cheap.
yup. Make sure the connections are all soldered right.
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Looked inside, as far as I can tell anything is soldered in good. Im no expert on all that though.
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how much roughly should it cost to take it to the shop and get fixed?

Well, you don't even know what's wrong yet, no telling. But if it is just a bad pot, I would strongly recommend that you just order a new pot and buy a soldering iron. It's easy to do and would cost $20 or less. And if you don't know how to solder, it's something that's worth learning, imo.
If you just got it, it should be covered by warranty!

I bought my guitar like 2 months ago ex-demo and it's still got a warranty that covered a faulty jack, and now a faulty bridge pickup