Où est la chanson? Je ne peux pas le trouver, mais l'image est cool.

Oh, et désolé pour mon français. Je suis américain (at least I'm trying, lol)

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Nice to have some females around here for a change. Listening to your singing, I would never guess you are French. I live near Los Angeles, and I think your accent sounds quite American to me. The guitar sounds fine. I think your vocals work best when you are "belting it out", they sound quite good then. But of course it's better you're not belting it out with the vocals the whole time with a mellow acoustic guitar song. I usually prefer songs with more energy, but I think it sounds good overall. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Schmiffty la chanson est en haut à gauche.

Thank you Aaron.
This song is untidy, i post it at the website because i was seek to do things without any real life. The music takes a sens when you can listen it. And i needed some opinions about the work. I made the same song with more instruments and an electric guitar. But the mastering is a nightmare, it's not my part. Besides, when i listen the result i find it pale, without any musical color, it's monotonous. I work again and again, but i don't reach the music that i imagine.
A have the same problem about my voice.
So really thank you for your post, it helps me to see how the song works.

I'm listening your songs. Good work. Recording and mixing are excellent. The vocals remind me David Byrne from the Talking Heads, with a little tone coming from Francis Black from the Pixies or Ian Curtis from the Joy division, Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and a reference to Klaus Nomi with the classical vocals. The vocal in I wanna love you has a slightly punk tone.
You have a good voice, it's very expressive.

About the guitar, i'm not really good for the moment, so i can't give you a constructive opinion about it, it's easyer for me to say something about the vocals and your songs in general.

And in general, it's a good work.

Lizzie - female around here
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