so ive learned how to make a scale before and all that before, but loong story short, i came across, the 5 "insert scale name" here positions, now i was never taught that there were 5 posiiotns for each scale, and just made my own up, so what iam asking is that are the scales ive learned a waste of time (cause there not the common 5 scales positions) or can i keep the scale postions i made up, i know its probalby recommned to use the one that are most common, buut im wondering are any other scales a waste of time?

( i know i do ask alot of questions but they just pop up while i pratice stuff)
You're probably talking about the pentatonic scales, which have 5 notes and therefore 5 positions. They're good to know as they can help you to break out of the cliche "standard rock licks" that a lot of people get stuck with by playing in just one position.

If the positions that you have come up with are correct to the scale, then carry on using them. Everyone has their own slight variations on how to play the same things.
There are 7 patterns in the major scale. And 5 in the pentatonic.

If you learn each of the patterns either 3 note per string or 2 note per string (I prefer 3 note per string patterns) then it becomes very easy to transfer up and down the neck with ease.

I am sure the scales you learned arent a waste of time, but they may/may not be most efficient.

You really only need to learn the Major scale and all its modes, there are 7 total. Once you know that you already know 84 different scales in different keys. It all depends on what note you start on and the chord progression being played to determine the scale you are playing in.

Hope this helps.
ok thank god i thought i did somthing for nothing (i was getting worried lol )

but i was going more for the regular scales as i saw THE 5 positons for a natual minor scale...and im like my version is not correct 0.o?

lol but ty i got scared for a second.

EDIT: ok the scales i made up are 2-3 notes per string, so am i safe lol? i wasnt awar that there were common ones :/ feel like idoit for missing it out.

most of my scale patteres dont start on the low e string, thats alright tho? lol
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If you know where all the notes are on the fretboard and what notes are in the scale you are playing then you'll be fine. Positions and shapes don't change a scale. You'll find that shapes will make themselves more apparent the more you utilise a scale. Therefore, there is little need to learn these shapes, although they can be helpful.