i have been hearing alot about preamps and i dont relly know what one is the search got flooed with adds so what are they and if so would you recommened one ?
a preamp is a tone shaping device found in a bass. active basses will have a preamp and they will give you a high and low tone control (or high, mid, low. or hi, hi-mid, lo-mid, low. etc)

to put it simply its a mini amp before your amp.

it can also refer to a part of your amp itself beofre the amplification stage. your tone shaping section.
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There are three stages of amplification.

Low signal. (physically generated by the bass itself).

Preamp. Line level signal, Can be on board of the
bass. It can be a stomp box. It can be a rack mounted
preamp. Preamps are installed on almost all instrument

Power amp comes last and generates the power to drive
the speakers.

Preamp comes before power amp. Preamp boost the tone
and shapes the tone and prepares it for the poweramp.

You can have multiple preamps in the signal path.

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