I'm in the process of making a video, and i have gotten a LOT of great feedback on stories of people who've had some crazy, and i mean CRAZY dreams. They're really fun to read.

But, part of the video is going to feature short clips of people all over the world actually explaining their dreams. Because we can read a dream all we want, but only you can make it sound so real, and describe it in explicit detail.

Anyways, here's a link to my youtube where I'd like you to post your video responses. keep them semi shortish. 30 seconds or less? thanks guys! You always come through.


And if you stop and click my channel, leave a comment on where in the world you are at!
Yes, i understand. Which is why I said I got alot of comments...but no actual video responses. And i need those for it as well.
My most vivid dream involves me getting chased by the Beast. Sadly, it's not some deep, thought provoking Beast that haunts ones' existence.

It's the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. That hairy piece of shit chases me around a playground for HOURS.

I've had this dream since I was like 5.
How do you describe an interestingly awesome dream in explicit detail in 30 seconds or less?

"olol once I dreamed that I went to sleep and had crazy adventures in a dream while i was dreaming. that's some inception shit right there, bro."
Craziest dream I had started with kittens and my grandfather(who was dead at the time IRL), and ended in the zombie apocalypse, with me riding on the back of a Subaru Outback with a machine gun turret in the bed, and my friends in the cab.
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