Yo, been listening to a lot of bands like Piglet and Planet recently and thought "wow I need to try that". Well heres' my spin on it all, see what you think? I'll crit back if you ask me to, would be handy if you left me a link to something of yours to do. This is just for fun, I was expecting it to be a lot worse, and don't know whether to write more like this, extend this, whatever, please let me know!


P.S If anyones interested in this but doesn't have guitar pro, I'll get a MIDI, just can't be arsed now as it's coming up to 5AM.

Edit: Please listen through headphones for best sounds, and turn the metronome off, it's utterly useless on this song.
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I thought it sounded really good, like an actual song not just a bunch of noodly riffs and off time rhythms. The use of two bass guitars was a pretty cool and interesting choice.
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29/8 at first o_o. I kinda like it. Too many cymbals for my liking though.
Hey thanks for the kind words! I really don't know how this happens, I primarily play guitar, but I'm better at bass, this all just sort of flowed out quite well. I want to try some polyrythms, but they're strangely hard for me to do :/

Miiiiks: I'm gunna blame guitar pro here, it all sounds a lot nicer in real life, I promise!
I liked it overall, cool sound to it. I like that its essentially a bass duet with drums, which is interesting to me. In some places its a bit thin in sound, and you seem to revolve around too many of the same ideas which creates a sort of non-changing sound, despite the part's variation. Its difficult to explain.

But yeah, continue this, its a cool tune.
Huge crit as I listen along, starting in 3,2,1.
Nice melodic tapping bass solo, nice use of odd time signatures, since somehow they flow nicely. Interesting use of 2 basses, never seen something quite like this. I tried to use a rhythmin bass track and a lead bass track on one of my first song, but it kinda failed
The second bass comes in, nice use of let rings. I suppose the ghost notes at 24 are supposed to be delay? Then the bass riff changes, which is nice, since the first riff was getting kind of boring by this time. Another melodic bass riff, with some nice usage of ood time sigs. The rhythmin bass plays a quite simple riff, but it fits nicely. At 42 the drums switch to high hats, seem to groove better. The riff at 46 is a nice change, although quite sudden compared to the first riff. Then a full stop, and a reintro. This time around the bass riff isn't as tiring, due to the fact that it repeats less times. The bridge was a nice, smooth transition to the next riff. Pretty nice, it turns to awesome when tha basses harmonize, then it changes to the break bass line, and then it comes to a stop and ring out, which IMO makes it sound unfinished, but unexpected, so weirdly enough it fits. Nice track, seemed quite WTF when I opened up the Guitar Pro tab, but it turned nout to be a nice mellow track.
You said C4C, so here it goes https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1467762
EDIT: Tremendous fail, you critted me before I did this, and I aparently forgot , nvm the last part of my post then.
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Yes sorry about the repetition, I would write out new riffs, and decide they sounded too weird and would delete them, but I've spoke to a friend and we might actually get together and try playing this stuff as an instrumental band, so expect more to come! Also as you guys have positive things to say about this I might continue it. The reason the ending is so sudden s because it was 5 in the morning and I'd plain had enough of tapping a bass, fingers are still red raw stuff, but really I appreciate the things you've said about this, wasn't expecting such a nice response!
Two words: really nice.. those rythms were crazy. how did you come up with that? lol.
honestly, I hadn't ever listen to that kind of music, you know 2 basses, wierd rythms, etc. but I really enjoyed it.

The drums were nice. They flowed remarkably well with the song even though the odd time signatures.

Although I have one little critic: you seemed to used too much the slide, I'd look for other techniques or something like that to spice the song up a little bit.

Overall it is a great song, but I think you can make it a lot better than it is now, by trying to make it a little less repetitive. Keep working on it.

btw: how could you think that you were going to get bad critics? personaly I'd be very proud of it lol.

Y'know, I really wasn't planning on even attempting to write a response to this. I haven't used UG in a while...

this song makes me happy.
Just thought I'd let you know that.

I'm a big (BIG) fan of Piglet (and Planets, for that matter) and I have to say I have not yet to this day even tried to create a song that touches upon those. I couldn't really wrap my head around how I'd do it... I write a lot of songs that change time sigs all over but never quite mustered up the courage to write a math tune like that. As I see it here it seems that you, simply another -- Guitar Pro user, have successfully and elegantly composed a unique yet reminiscent tune in the style of math rock that is in no way a rip off or a collection of riffs. I applaud your product even further as of the instrumentation and now that I have attempted to play parts of it. I thoroughly enjoy the use of two basses and percussion and while some may criticize the repetition of style of riffs, (sliding and such) I believe the song is not terribly long and makes an excellent listen as a standalone tune already. Even so, in your further compositions (which you WILL complete and post on the internet) you should experiment with things like percussion fills and bridges, other techniques and chords, and even song structure. (slip between two totally different ideas, do bridges/breakdowns, etc.)

Keep up the good work, I am listening to your stuff. Also I think I am going to attach a file real quick here, since I might as well C4C. Chose one, or both, lol.
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I loved it - would probably work even greater with a proper vocal delivery. Also, some synth strings wouldn't hurt, really. Strings could probably make the different parts stand out more from each other, because the way it sounds with MIDI, it's all kinda the same all the way throughout. Also - too short! You've got some great ideas, no-one would mind a minute more or two.

C4C? I've posted an album, would be great if you could crit one or some of the songs. Thank you!

MagicsDevil: Thankyou so much for the kind words! Really glad that a Piglet fan checked this out, they're the best band to listen to, to see where I'm coming from. It means a lot that you consider it an actual song/original etc, especially as I wrote it in under a day (please don't misinterpret that as boasting, I'm just proud of myself as normally songs take several days), it just seemed to flow nicely. Haha I'd love to write more like this, and after listening to your songs (which I'll crit in a second) I would like to do a little colab with you, you're great with the drums and I sure couldn't write guitars like that, I reckon we could write some real chill, instrumental music, if you're interested PM me or something and we'll work it out!

As for your songs I'll do a crit of Slack for now as it was just plain awesome. However I'll PM you it to avoid clogging this up.

Gustav: Thankyou! I would however keep it as an instrumental, and I'm a bit of a puritan when it comes to music, just guitars, bass, drums, what I call "real" instruments, that's just me though, I'd be tempted to have a fiddle with violins or something but not too sure. I'll get right on it!
Beautiful. Being a bass player myself I really appreciate cool bass driven songs like this one! Fantastic use of time signatures as well, it was used very creatively imo. I think the song has a great flow, and for what is is it's great man.