I like the overall sound of it. But you really need to get your higher notes into tune. Once you fix that I think you could have something solid to work off of, but until you do it distracts quite a bit from your well done playing. I would love to hear your song once you finish it, keep us posted

I agree with pagosapig. Tune your guitar. It's quite distracting, but if you listen closely it's a nice little piece. I suggest trying to play it with a metronome (Maybe listening to a metronome through some headphones? There are free online metronomes to do that)

Nice groundwork. Smack some vocals on there, and you have a nice and breezy song.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1460889
i did this really quick and could have done better tonight i will redo it and add the bass in. our vocalist is out of town and she will be back probably sunday. we have vocals written that it might work for but this was just a idea and had to do it quick to not forget it.
alright i recorded it over and will be adding bass to it in the morning i will post the link to the new one in here once it is finished. by the way sorry on poor quality i have a cheap $10 mic and used audacity on a laptop.