I always wake up too late/sleep through my alarm clocks for school... is there any way to do this? lol
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wrong forum brah
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line 6 spiders have a 1/8" jack under the input you can hook ipods or computers or whatever so you can play it using the amps speaker but if you dont have a spider then maybe your sol or do what that youtube video did
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I am the exact opposite TBH, as soon as that alarm hits I am up and outof bed, and usually before the 3rd ring, I have that annoying thing unplugged and am already laying back in bed, asleep. Not good.
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i'm sure it was staged, but that falling out of bed bit was awesome
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An alarm like that is friggin' mad.
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I went old school and bought the one that looks like a wall clock with 2 little bells on top of it.

Yeah, that worked.
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Put a really loud alarm clock in the kitchen right next to a programmable coffee pot.
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at the beginning of the video, when the alarm started going off, i got really stressed and angry. i guess that's what using an alarm to wake you up at 6:30 am does to you

EDIT: who sets an alarm for 5:18???
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