does anybody know some real shredders who plays bass with pick and comes up with guitar techniques like sweep picking?
Real bass shredders sweep with their fingers. If you're bass sweeping with a pick it's the same as guitar sweeping. With your fingers sweep down with your thumb and up with your index finger.

Look up Scott Plummer or Erlend Caspersen for some sweeping examples.
Real bass players actually play bass (pick or not), instead of lead guitar on a bass. I don't know about much sweep picking, but Billy Sheehan is pretty much the definition of bass shredding.
The Faceless have a cool sweep at the start of the song "The Ancient Covenant"
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Actually Messiah the intro of "The Ancient Covenant" is tapping. It does sounds like a sweep though.
I know guys who sweep and shred on the bass, but none of them play with a pick.

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i don't really know many bass players who play with a pick who sweep, but mike flores of origin, scott plummer of viraemia and ivan munguia of brain drill all use sweep picking in their songs, they play with they're fingers though, but i guess if you play bass with a pick, it's the same as sweep picking on guitar, if you play the bass with you're fingers, you mostly use the thumb and index finger to sweep.
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The Faceless have a cool sweep at the start of the song "The Ancient Covenant"

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The string spacing might make it difficult, but I suppose you could compensate for it. Give it a try. You might start a trend.
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The string spacing might make it difficult, but I suppose you could compensate for it. Give it a try. You might start a trend.

I actually find it easier on a bass than guitar (probably cause Im a bassist though..)
but with the larger spacing you have a literally "larger" margin for error. You dont have to be quite as persice I find.
The only part thats hard is muting. Cause the strings are low and thick.
Sean Beasly from Dying Fetus. Maowcat linked to a song with schweeeeeepsch!
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Look Up The Following Bands.

Monumental Torment
Brain Drill taps but might sweep.
The Faceless in the Ancient Covenant does sweep buts its not the intro. at 5 seconds in the song with the guitar the bass does sweep.
And Look up some Newer Spawn Of Possession Live Videos. Erlend Caspersen does sweeping in the songs "Spawn Of Possession" and "Dead and Grotesque." But he is the new bassist so it's not on any recordings.

P.S. Necrophagist DOES NOT SWEEP ON BASS ( Im tired of people thinking this.)They tap anything that sounds like sweeping.

Bass Sweeping is possible on guitar and bass. You CAN sweep with a pick on bass and i do it and I love to sweep. It can be used as a bassists technique and should be used.Some bassist use four fingers to sweep down the up or use they're thumb and index finger. And some like me use a pick. With a pick you sweep like a guitarist. But this dosn't make you any less of a bassist you just use a diffrent technique. These are patterns I use frequently.




Or patterns like Viraemia uses. Not exaclty but this is a pattern they tend to use.


Two Of these are actually sweeping and tapping combined. Im not gonna bother posting four string sweeps. Use you Major and Minor Triads to construct sweeps. But literally if you want like I do you can sweep anything you want. As long as it sounds clean.

It takes lots of practice to sweep and once you practice you've got to keep practiceing them.

I also hate how some bassist and some guitards say bass sweeping is just "mindless shredding on the bass." "Or they're just bassists who want to be guitarists." Bass sweeping is a technique that can be done and I encourage people to use it and understand it. It's not just mindless shredding and I feel that people who make fun of people for sweeping or tapping on bass are just jealous because they can't do it themsleves. (and if you can then congratulations, but you still shouldn't make fun of it.) Sorry I've researched bass sweeping quite a bit and I've come across this quite often.

But ya these are just some bands that sweep there are more out there I'm sure but these are Tech Death bands.

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