I recently picked up a Pod XT PRO at a very reasonable price.
I want to start using it for live instances so i was wondering
if any of you guys have this setup or use another POD
with your Valveking rig? Also how do you get the best out of the
both (different wiring scenarios?)

I havent experimented much but i read that running

Guitar/POD/effect return works good but i am yet to try.

just want to know my options before i start plugging cables everywhere!

Also how would i incorporate a symetrix 522 comp into the rig with the pod and the head?

9.9 times out of 10, using the effect loop return is the best way

and to use the compressor i would go guitar - comp - pod - effect loop return
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thats what i thought too thanks for the reply.

now the cable from the pod to the effects loop does that have to be instrument cable or could it be a patch cable which one is better?