Okay now mr president now you killed your main target
give a speech for a country to watch it
but the wars still trampling on a foreign ground
killing people in a place thats their hometown
blood still sheds and it still drips from both sides
you need to know something something you should realize
a simple answer that could have prevented the loss of lives
get off from foreign land just when you were asked to go

i know you wanted to protect your population
but you still hurt them with them strong emotions
loss of loved ones killed by the loaded guns
you made them killers and they died by your command
it isnt best to tresspass on whats not yours
you do hypocrisy and lie to your followers
what is this, youre proud to be american
a land of murder, slavery, and money profit
you give em taxes and waste it on your own dreams
you have a vision but its weaker than you see
too many flaws so this country can go down so quick
then we will live in a place not governed by politics

i wait for that day one for the judgement
we want to see what theyll say about your government
try to rule over people that you dont know
try to say we cant leave, this is our home
tell me why we have leaders in the first place
when we already got one up high in the heavens
looking down waiting for us to change and to repent
but now so society made it difficult and different
bearly anyone accepts gods standards anymore
atheism and politics are things we got too absorbed
i wait for the day that this whole creation will come down
and then the sky will be blue again and not brown
no more guns no more death, i look forward now
dont discourage me and ask me how itll go down
read your scriptures and look for the answer

now learn to live life free from the babylon
no influence yourself to follow what they want
be different from the standard and the mainstream