So in near future i plan to upgrade my gear, i was planning to go for small tube amp+ dist pedal, but recently i discovered that my guitar has got problem with intonation of A and D strings, which i cannot solve. I have tried just everything, it seems like there is a flaw somewhere in construction. It isnt that bad, mostly only those octave chords sound like crap on 12+ frets, but im afraid that it may affect my ears.

TL;DR my guitar has got small intonation issue. Should I just deal with it and go for a new amp or replace it as soon as possible?
one way or another your guitar is never going to have perfect intonation. thats just a fact due to the way the frets are spaced and tunings and what not... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQlP2WZzdF4 this is the only way you will ever have perfect intonation. but for a cheaper fix maybe just replace the bridge and saddle?
to help you best we need to know what brand/model guitar it is, and which type of bridge is it?
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