Originally i wanted MH-1000 with Duncans and fixed bridge but guys at the store dont have that version.They have 1 with EMGs and Floyd Rose.If im correct thats Floyd Rose 1000 series on this guitar.My question is...is it a good tremolo?Is it same as Original Floyd Rose?I dont have any experience with tremolos (only played guitars with fixed bridges) so does FR 1000 stays in tune well.And in general how does guitar with FR stays in tune compared to one with fixed bridge...is there a BIG difference?And ofc is there some1 who has any experience with LTD MH-1000 with FR?
It is a very good tremolo. Excellent quality Floyd Roses stay better in tune than fixed bridges.. At least to my experience. However, it's harder to change tunings with FR. I don't have experience of the model specified (ltd mh-1000), but I believe that it's a really good guitar and it's really bang for the buck, cause seriously EMGs are very great pickups (some don't like them.. personal taste), the build quality is better than on the 400 series and it does not have ESP Floyd Rose Licensed bridge.
You could also check Jackson's Soloist series. To my hand, they have better necks than ESPs.. or ESP-LTDs for this matter.
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Ty for the reply.Jackson soloists are out of my price range :/ I will try out MH-1000 tomorrow and see if i like the ESP/LTD neck.Yeah both Duncans and EMGs are great pickups
frt-x000 is the korean made OFR (as opposed to the schaller made in germany OFR).

it's supposedly made to the same specs as the schaller ofr, but in my (limited) experience, it's not quite as good. it's still pretty good, and i'd take it over pretty much any cheapo licensed trem, but i wouldn't take it over a schaller OFR, schaller, gotoh, edge etc.
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That floyd will be much better than the licensed one you'd find on say a 100 series. And I personally love the LTD necks, not paper thin but not chunky at all. Good neck for faster playing.
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