Hello all...new member here. I tried to look for some of this info before posting but my search-fu was not strong. So here goes.

I've decided that I want to learn to upgrade guitars. I'm a complete newb in that department so please forgive seemingly silly questions.

I've had an old Samick Silvertone strat hanging around and I'd like to use it as my first patient. The 5-way selector on it seems to not work properly, so I took it apart and tried to clean it by blowing dust out. When I put it back on, it switches the pick-ups properly but makes ungodly noise - without strings....I didn't want to waste strings so I plugged it in first. Is the noise the selector switch or is it because there are no strings?

I'm torn between Deoxit or a new selector. What seems to be the better option?

Also, my end goal is to put a couple of telecaster pickups in it. Is there anything I need to know about the Samick that would influence my decision as to which pickups to get?


- netgeist
if yours is anything like my silvertone
there is a good chance the body is plywood
and all the pickups only have 1 wire
if u need help im happy to give you some pointers
my silvertone was plywood as well. sometime down the road you should snag a higher quality strat body.
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I have a Schecter strat that I actually play. I have this for the soul purpose of experimentation. It's an older model - I actually don't think it's plywood but I will take a look. I might as well mess with it - it's not playable as it is now.

- netgeist
i once repaired one for a friend, he had troubles with his switch, bridge and fret buss.
It was 2nd hand, and the bridge only had 1 spring left, i put in a new switch ( i would always replace a part instead of trying to repair it, it mostly wont work) and also a new output jack, resoldered some of the pots (bad soldering) and i adjusted the truss rod a little, it now plays better then a squier strat
if by noise you mean hum then, yeah it is normal to have noise of you dont have strings.

the electrical ground of the guitar is connected to the bridge which touch the strings which get grounded to your body/fingers. the hum will go away if you touch the bridge assuming everything else if wired up fine and fully functional.

try that. if you dont like the hum after that, the best way to get rid of hum is to do a really good shielding job with copper tape with a conductive adhesive. even a single coil equipped guitar can have as little hum as a humbucker with a great shielding job. i play the quitest strat you will ever hear.