I'm between a Squier Affinity Strat ($234) and a Squier Standard Strat ($324).

I know the differences between them but the question is, from your point of view, is it worth paying $100 more for the Standard?

Just in case, these are my 2 options, I know the deluxe is better, the MIM is better but my budget sets the max with the Standard
Buy a used mim? That's around 300
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If you get the Affinity and decide to upgrade it later, the thin body may run into some problems.
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Yep, but the problem is that I can't buy used, there is almost none used market here, even the online stores which sell used don't send to my island... So that's the reason I just can choose between those two
Well, if those are your only choices, then I say get the standard. Unless you are willing to save up longer and spend more.
Do you already have a functioning guitar of some description? If your answer is yes, save more money and get a better guitar.
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DO NOT buy a MIM fender, the are garbage. I would not go with an affinity. Standards are nice and have semi descent pick ups (provided you are just learning or play around the house. Not for giging). But honestly... I would save and get a 50s classic vibe.

I am definitely no guitar god.. nor a guitar snob. classic vibe and vintage modified squires blow MIM fenders off the stage and their quality control is better. I have never played a bad cv. But I have played a few almost unplayable mim, not to mention their pups are pathetic. and the squire standards arent bad at all. but not great.
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What about the Classic Vibe series?
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