So, I'm back!

Haven't been able to record anything in awhile, so I've been dicking around with some old recordings... Ruining the mix, and whatnot. And I have this for you!

The song's name is A Flash In The Pan, I haven't gotten around to recording vocals because Apple and ZOOM are both too busy acting like schoolchildren avoiding timeouts. I believe that there's a bass problem with it, mostly because the bass part itself is high up on the neck and fairly fast at times. You can reach the song via my profile, here for your amusement:


C4C as always, and cheers ya'll!
the intro is really cool and unique. i felt as if my brain was melting the entire time i was listening to it.

in a good way.

the intro seems to run for too long, it gets very repetitive
when it finally gets to the verse it's very cool. i like the bass tone and the acoustic.
lots of instruments layered together, but it doesn't sound all distorted and you can hear everything clearly. good job on that.
i like how the song progresses and changes up so much. it's hard to believe the beginning and end are the same song, but it all transitions very well.

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Very interesting stuff there. I really, really enjoyed it. I absolutely adore it. Recording quality is great, mix is great. You're way above my level, so I have really nothing to give you, other than my great respect for this track. I'm not sure what you mean with the bass problem. I might not have listened close enough though. Either way, it's definitely not something obvious and annoying.

You're on to something. I'd love to hear this with vocals. Keep up the good work.

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I really like the musical side of the equation, but I'm personally not too crazy about either of your electric guitar tones you use, with the exception of the solo guitar around the 5 minute mark. All of the other tones--and I'll include the bass in here--don't really seem to have any "force" behind them. It's kinda hard to explain, but none of the sounds really sounded like they were a live instrument and were pushing soundwaves that have some kind of driving element. This is probably a testement to your mixing and recording prowess, but I feel like all of the instruments were recorded in a vacuum--everything is too perfect, if that makes sense.

I feel like if the sound had more force, than the song would get much more of a driving, epic feel that you were probably going for.

From a songwriting standpoint, everything is incredibly solid. I love the layers of instrumentation, and how you have alot of dynamic shifts. YAY DYNAMICS!

Oh, and the drums sound very, very good. I'd be proud of this, and the sound stuff I mentioned earlier is purely a matter of personal taste. Good luck with your future writings!

P.S. I liked the "Amazing Perpetual Motion Machine" too

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Intro synths are nice. Intro guitar is kind of bizarre. I think the intro bass sounds quite good. Yep, this could use some vocals. I think the intro is too long. OK, I'm liking the change from the intro. I like the distorted guitar parts. I don't hear a bass problem either, but I'm listening on small computer speakers, so the bass isn't loud anyway. Overall, sounds good, curious what vocals you'll come up with. Please review my music at this link:

I actually really like the intro, it's really unique.
Overall it's a really good piece of music, really good guitar work.. not just the intro (which rules, did i say that already?) It has an eerie-ish feel to it which i love, just had heavy drinking session and it totally mellowed me out, in an eerie sense. I tried my hardest to make sense in this post.. lol.

When are you planning to lay the vocals down? Would be excited to hear it all together.

Keep up the good work dude!
Thanks for the crit

I really like the feel of the song, sounds a bit 'eastern' at times if that makes sense. The breakdown near the end is really effective as well, and the short solo was really strong. Will love to hear it when you have the vocals recorded, I think it will add a lot, although it is a good as an instrumental as well. Good stuff
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It is extremely busy...I'm curious to see how the vocals will fit over top of all this, and I do think they will add some fluidity to the song, something that will break up the repetition...your lead tone, around 5:20, that sounds very good, compliments the other parts well. I agree with Schmuffty, drums sound great as well. Give a shout when you've got the vocals over top of it all!
I have to agree with the busy atmosphere of the song, but it's extremely creative, not my cup of tea, but, If I still smoked weed, this would be a nice song to listen to.

My only real critique would be, if you're trying to attract a general audience, would be to make it catchier, but I feel like with the right vocal hooks this would play out nicely.

Yes, poop.
Intro is awesome, it gives you the feeling that something is really wrong (I mean this in a very good way) I feel like it's twisting my brain :P
It gets a little repetitive, but I guess once you do the vocals that won't be a problem.
Solo sounds pretty good, I would have liked more oddness in it though.

Obviously someone's a fan of prog rock. This song is really interesting sounding, especially the whole part before the acoustic guitar comes. It's really chaotic and not in a good way. You have way too many things going on at once. However, when the acoustic guitar comes in, the song improves dramatically. How did you get such a nice acoustic recording? The distorted guitar sounds kinda like led zep, but the whole song is really similar to Aqualung by Jethro Tull. From 2min on, you've got a solid song.

Hope this helps