before i get into this @AngryGoldfish, I'm posting assuming that you 'reset' my limit as of the last thing i put up, so this is my first of two over the next week.

this is something i've been working on... the stuff in parentheses is going to be repeated by a voice in the background. there's change in the flow/presentation of what's said which is why things may not seem to go well. but it makes sense to me. i admit it needs some working on...


(it's this man)
he doesn't love mom,
and my mother doesn't even love him
and sadly the glue that still keeps them together
is their two young boys and their newborn kid

(its this man)
when i was just a child,
i'd never see him cuz he'd always stray away to the side
keepin himself out of sight from my mom at all times
he would only ever wake when she would sleep at night

(its this man)
he'd smoke on the balcony
and everytime i'd come out he would hide his stokes and beers from me
hoping bad habits wouldn't rub off on his first born child,
but what he didn't realize was this was ****in my mind

(this man)
he never really smiled a lot
instead he would just wait till mom was sleeping then go to the bar,
then have a drink or two while he would sit and think, shout to god too
and come home in a haze to smash our food, and cups, and plates

(this man)
his anchor's pulling him down
can anybody blame him for his crown that bestows those frowns
upon the life he lives, he doesn't want it, and he doesn't want to flaunt it
like that casey anthony would rather ditch rasing her daughter

(this man)
i came home one day to find
he was dressed as to impress the father of jesus christ
never in my life would i have guessed just what would happen next
but this is just a tale that's happened to more kids than aids has left

(this man)
i stopped right in my tracks
in his right hand was a suitcase, and there on his back
was a backpack packed to the brim, while on his neck
was a plain black chain with the ring that he kept

(this man)
on his finger since i was born
cuz the marks he left from disciplining me weren't gone
from my bald head, behind, or back of my neck
well now he took me outside and then just took a deep breath

(this man)
and told me that we should take a ride
so i jumped up in his car to find siblings already inside
and then we drove off down the home street,
and while i stared at him, his mouth opened wide

(its this man)
he tells you that he is leaving
just cuz his own life isn't fulfilling
but its not because you kids are in bloom
well that's what the soaps say on t.v. nigga and that's just ****ing gay

(this man)
you start to stop feeling bad
because he seems just like a jackass
that never really cared for you or ever tried to father you
he only lived to create problems for your mom
because his problems ARE you

but then he opens the case
and pulls out four letters, all with familiar names
its of your siblings, you, and your mother too
you open yours and look to up see tears in his eyes

(this man)
there's the handwriting, you catch as it
looks like yours and then you've gone hoarse
full of pictures of you as a baby boo with comments from old neighbors who
say 'oh how's the baby' 'what a couple' and 'what a family'

and once you've seen the pictures you don't want a missing mister
but he's gotta go and he tells you what you never thought you'd hear
the words 'son i love you, and you know i hold you dear'

(its this man)
he drops you and your siblings off
at a dusty corner at the end of the block
leaving you all holding hands while he drives off in his sedan
opposite the setting sun looking to be a new man

(its this man)
you feel what he says is SHIT!
beacuse he didn't mean the words he spat, cuz he got away still
but then you look down on the ground and see those fading tear stains
the last signs of meaning not in words that he ever would say

to you