I have an Ibanez sr300 and would like a Squier Jazz Bass really, one of these http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/product/42602-squier-by-fender-vintage-modified-jazz-bass-70s-maple-neck-natural--large.jpg but offer me whatever you have. If you're interested in buying I can let it go for £180, it's in perfect condition, I've had it gathering dust for about a year now, played it a bit yesterday to make sure it's all good, still sounds great, it's set up nicely, and it's black. If you'd like pictures just let me know and I'll send some over, but really, offer any bass you have!

That Squier will be alright. I got the same one. It's great. Not better then my USA Jazz bass. But it will do anything you want it to.
Yeah man I've played a friends and really liked it, would love to have one, if any of your friends want to buy my bass send them my way!