I'm having a hard time deciding what guitar to buy coming up within the next couple months or so. I keep going back and forth with little luck in a definitive choice.

I'm been trying to decide on one of the following:
Fender American Standard Telecaster
Fender American Standard Telecaster Thinline '72
G & L ASAT Classic
G & L ASAT Classic Bluesboy

I know these are a lot of different choices (or I guess two kinds of guitars and then variations of them), and I must apologize for that...I just want to keep my options open. If anyone has another recommendation, please let me know, I am open to suggestions on similar and/or versatile guitars.

I would like to play alternative rock, indie rock, and those related genres particularly. Perhaps sounds from bands like The Strokes, Death Cab For Cutie, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, etc. Some classic or modern rock would be great as well.
I've played with a G&L Tribute Series S500 (which I own), and a G&L Rampage (the Cantrell sig one) and I have been amazingly impressed with them. I've played several MIM Fender Strats, and an American Player's Deluxe Strat, and I have to say I definitely prefer the G&L. It seems like you get much more in the way of quality, better stock electronics by a FAR margin (including pickups), and they're more attractive guitars, in my opinion.

I'm not a telecaster type of guy, but that is my 2 cents.
I hate Teles.

But I looove me a G&L ASAT... My bud is getting one this weekend and I've played it. It feels better than my friend's father's old 60s reissue Tele from the 80's... Sounds miles better too. I've been turned on to G&L by the ASAT. Their L-2000 bass rules too... I wanna pick one up and string it up with the Steve Harris Rotosounds for tons of fun

The hardware beats the shit out of a regular Fender, the electronics beat the shit out of a Fender, the looks and feel beat the shit out of a Fender... The tone... @.@
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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