Looking into buying either an Ibanez AS73 Artcore or a Ibanez AR250 and putting some heavy gauge strings on them for the Stoneage sound as they tune to C Standard for a majority of their songs. Any recommendations on the guitars, seen a few reviews and nothing is reviewed them in terms of hi gain and a rock style sound, it's all clean. Any comments on them would be appreciated,

Eastwood guitars makes a clone of the Ovation GP that Josh Homme used to play
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Not too sure about those guitars... but homme uses epi dots to play live a lot of the time. That is what I would look into for the queens sound.
Already got an Epi Dot in standard tuning, could get another one and stick 12's on it see how it works out, put some p90's on it.
Josh Homme uses a Maton BB1200 a lot. But good luck getting your hands on one of those. They're very expensive and I think they have to be custom made. But, they are incredible guitars. I watched Tommy Emmanuel live and his lead guitarist had one. Sounds like pure sex.