Im getting a 6505 and want to be able to cut to the clean channel with chorus on it. How would I do this without having to use 2 pedals?
or you can put a Chorus pedal in the FX loop and then just hit the clean channel and effects button at the same time..Since i have just an EQ in my loop i have to switch to clean and also step on my chorus but it's not hard at all to do, and when playing live i usually hit the chorus pedal right b4 i hit the clean channel so there is no delay.
It's extremely expensive (well, relatively, of course). The cheapest way is to get a MIDI compatible MFX unit (the best ones out right now are the Boss GT-10 and the Line 6 Pod HD500). Then you'll need an Amp Gizmo or a Mini Amp Gizmo to convert your amp's footswitch signal to a MIDI signal the MFX can use, and then program your amp's channel switching function into patches with whatever FX you want.

If you want to use individual pedals, then you need all kinds of shit like a MIDI controller, the pedals themselves, good power adapters, etc. etc.
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the cheap way is to put the chorus in the effects loop and change channels/turn on the effects loop at the same time. youll have to hit 2 buttons in some way. now if you got a rack-mounted midi setup and a foot controller you could do it in one switch. but the money used to do that will not be worth it AT ALL
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