Hey guys!

If been thinking about buying a new guitar lately.
Now i have 2 final guitars but i can't decide which one is better for me.

So the guitars are

- PRS Tremonti SE


Ok, so i'm a huuuuuge fan of alter bridge and mark tremonti is their lead guitarist.
So that's one big plus for the tremonti SE and it's in my opinions one hella sexy guitar

I mostly play songs from Alter Bridge but also from bands like Foo fighters and Muse,
So kind of a hard rock / alternative rock style

Which guitar would be better for me?

Sorry if i made any mistakes but i'm dutch :P
In addition to looking nicer, the ESP LTD MH350NT would be more suitable if you are doing metal, but if you are just doing hard rock then I guess go for the PRS, if it were me I would get the LTD..