Go for one of the customs, they are better in my opinion.
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Every epiphone les paul is made pretty well. I am definitely looking at the les paul customs. And this one is really cool, check out the Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst. MusiciansFriend.com is where I currently buy guitars online. And it s ironic that they are having a sale on Epi LP's right now. Most of them come with cases. There best ones i think are the LP Custom, Goltop, Standard Plus Top or the Prophecy EX. Hope this helps.
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the new Ultra III is out, have you looked at that?

the ultra3 or a custom. i wouldn't really bother with any others.
none, go by a vintage v100afd les paul copy instead
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the best epiphone les paul i ever played was the original classic model, with the burst flame veneer. it had such a good feel, and really warm sustain for days...even more than a gibson les paul studio i had
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There are lots of nice Gibson Studios or MIJ Epis manufactured for the local Japan market. Used are usually within or just a bit over your budget. Also, check out MIJ copies like Edwards, Tokai, Greco, Burny, Orville, Navigator ... last 3 are a bit pricier. These all have the proper open book headstocks, too.

I think I'll get a Custom then.
Too bad they don't come in honeyburst .
But the black one looks really good though.
Customs are basically Standards with different hardware and binding, no difference in quality whatsoever.

- Epiphone Les Paul Standard
- Vox VT-20+

get a gibson

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Customs are basically Standards with different hardware and binding, no difference in quality whatsoever.

umm.... you kind of just made an oxymoron.
^ I'm pretty sure he's talking about build quality.

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i second a used gibson. quality is on par with high level epi's and you won't be stuck with the "epi's suck" generalization
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