So hi, as discussed in this thread , I've composed an album, consisting out of ten songs out maybe a hundred that I've written for the past two years. Three of the songs have already been posted but what the heck, I'm giving you the whole thing! I thin it's about 45-50 minutes long all in all, and some tracks absolutely requires RSE to function properly. Bear in mind that my GP, for reasons unknown, play all RSE guitars at a super low volume, so the MIDI tracks (mainly piano and strings) are turned down really low in the mix. Just turn them up if you can't hear them.

C4C as always, and if you take the time to listen to the entire thing then you are officially the best person on earth

Anyway, a short presentation of every song:

It Came From the Skies
A short, sweet instrumental intro that would be nothing special if it wasn't for the weird harpsichord riff that... well doesn't fit with the given time signature. Just a warm up.

Will Rise Again
Dynamic song with a massive chorus and mellow ending. Some riffs make use of wah-wah, and therefore require RSE, but it works without it. Quite short.

Through Hollow Corridors
Fierce, complex song with groovy riffs and lots of twists and turns. Lots of melody to space things out, though. Works without RSE.

Fast, traditional melodic death metal. Sounds like something straight from the '90s. Very short and intense. Fine without RSE, just remember to adjust the volumes properly or the synth will be drowned.

The Drowning
The exact opposite of Terminate, this song is moody, slow, and lumbering. It clocks in at 8:30, and is therefore the longest song on the album. Quite doom/post in its sound. Works without RSE.

An instrumental piece that clocks in at just over 4 minutes. Might not worth a listen without RSE, since there is a lot of wah-wah (a lightly plucked clean guitar with wah-wah produces the loneliest sound in the world, if you didn't know...) But please give the part from 21 through 33 a listen at least.

I Am Your Nightmares
Quite contrary to the title, this is the least brutal song on the album . However, LOTS of wah-wah dynamics and stuff going on, so if you prefer to listen without RSE, this will probably come across as bland as hell to you. However, it's quite a pretty little piece, if you ask me.

The Black Rain of Scorn
Something for all the the metal purists out there - this is power metal from start to finish. Not the happy kind though, as insinuated in the title. An epic ride that works fine without RSE.

The Cascade
The song that I posted the last thread about - my personal favorite on the album. The first half is a break-neck paced tech-death romp, the second half is powerful and soaring, and much slower. Works poorly without RSE, especially the ending (the octave riff is not the main show there - the piano and strings are. Just sayin')

What If...
A somewhat pop-influenced song that finishes the album off at a nostalgically melancholic tone. One riff, as well as the "post-outro" guitar part is based on wah-wah, but it works without RSE.


Crit one, crit them all, and I'll give you crit in return. Have worked a lot with this album here over the past few years, and this is the result.

EDIT: I've heard that uploading the album for you to crit is a good idea... sorry
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Would help if you posted it.
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I listened to "Through Hollow Corridors".

Intro is good, although its not my preffered style of riff. That said, it works for what it is. 14-15 is a very cool section, although there needs to be more build up into it, as it just kind of "Happens". Likewise going into 18, which is a good section, but it needs more build and transition, like at 25-26, where its done fairly well.

26 is a great section, good melody choices and interesting backing. 34 is my favorite section, which the dark modulation and accidentals to the primary key. 42 is a good build section, although its almost too bright, and is resolved on a darker tone at 45.

54 has a good sound to it, and I like it more than the prior riff. I feel previously used sections don't need to be mentioned unless they add signifigantly more to note in a reiteration. Just sayin.

Poweeer is an interesting section, although more build would be nice. Church organ really adds here, and I should say that it also augments the previous sections well too. It transitions into the solo fairly well.

The only problems I could have with the solo is that it becomes slightly hard to follow, and the downbeat becomes difficult to distinguish because of that. 81 also kind of kills it, it a negative way.

Previously used sections work well and add structure following the solo, and I like the alteration of the theme at 95, even though its just moved up a scalar degree.

I am unsure of how much I like the outro.

Overall, very well done song, and should work well on an album.

Crit Apathy in my sig?

And then if you were to crit another (That isn't Amorphous or Fugue State) I would crit back again swiftly. Sort of like a crit trade off.
The drums are pretty poor, they really bring down a fairly decent bunch of songs.
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

Quote by frankibo
The drums are pretty poor, they really bring down a fairly decent bunch of songs.

I am aware of the somewhat bland drumming, consider them placeholders (writing "alive" drum tracks in GP is tedious as hell...). And do you care to elaborate? Just a tiny bit?
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Thanks for the crit on my song, I'm going to do "The Drowning" as it was my favourite song on your album.

The intro is actually my favourite part of the song for some reason, it's super powerful, could have incorporated the chords into the outro somehow and it would have been nice. Yeah big fan of the intro, drums could have been a little better, maybe a few fills or something, but I'm sure your drummer will work on them himself!

From here it's very brooding and dark, yet melodic, interesting to listen to, it feels very powerful, like a giant crying whilst smashing stuff up. I like the guitar solo, very simple but very effective, chords match it perfectly, a good attribution to the song, the epic section too, really is epic, or should I say episkt? The dissonance section bridges into the outro very well, take it or leave it though.

The outro takes a long time to kick in, instead of a guitar build up, or maybe to accompany it, put some interesting drums building up, nothing too complicated, just enough to get a nice building sound, would work well, time the snares right and the end would be twice as emotive. The actual finale was a little disappointing at first, but then the chords kicked in and it started coming together, as soon as it does start to flow, you abruptly stop it for a clean break, which I felt slowed the song down and dented the ending of a great song. I waited for it to kick back in but it didn't, that was the end and I was a little disappointed, don't take that badly though, it was because the rest of the song was so well done that the ending felt a little lackluster. Continue the chord/solo outro for longer and maybe fade that out, but that's just my opinion. Good work with these songs, I can tell you really enjoy what you do and I enjoyed listening, good luck!
The Cascade:

I enjoyed it very much. I like the main riff/theme; it's very raw, gritty and in your face (well it was in mine, anyway). The intro is quite powerful, lone guitar and then BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!

I thought there could be a couple changes to it by the way some harmonies go - although individually they sound good to me, when they're put together they can cause some clash (eg: bar 8): perhaps you could put the lead run that the 2nd guitar plays up an octave to avoid clashes that the 1st guitar is palm-muting. Also, there was just that one A that is played in the strings that really makes my hair stand on end.

I like your bass guitar riff in bar 17 and 18, it's a nice break. I just thought that it shouldn't continue in the bass guitar in the verses, because what's happening in the guitars and drums is very driving and the bass guitar riff, to me, causes the foundation of the heaviness and driving-ness to well...not be there. Try moving the bass guitar riff to the one electric guitar and then get the bass to follow the rhythm guitar and the drums.

Bar 35 to 38 to me sound good, but to me what could make it better is to leave it hanging on the bass and drums like it is in the guitars for a short lone synth vibe.

The addition of the strings to verse 2 is a nice touch.

I don't like the first 4 bars of you instrumental section. I like the vibe and tension that you built up in the previous verse and the time signature change to 7/4 give the piece and new dynamic, but when it enters into the next section I just thought it was kinda...blah. Try, instead of making the guitars play together, make the one guitar follow the bass and the drums for a more of a "metal breakdown" and make the harmonies between the one guitar and the keyboards. The section into 3/4 is great, I love it! The guitars solos I dig very much and the 2/4 tailpiece on the end of the 2nd guitar solo is very effective. Also, going from 3/4 in the one solo to 4/4 in the next solo is very nicely done; a smooth transition.

I'm not so sure about the slow down into the "Kapitel 2" - if you can pull it off in a band situation then by all means go for it, but from my experience when playing a running riff like that it's very difficult to get everyone playing in time to get the harmonies together otherwise it sounds like a mess. Maybe making the last two notes longer or something would be a bit more practical. I don't know, just putting it out there - but by way of guitar pro it's perfect.

I like your strings interlude, it's a nice getaway from the heaviness of the previous sections and then reintroducing the heaviness with the strings is great. I think that the 1st guitar should have a bit more variation that playing the same line over and over - to me it gets a bit much, even if it is a 4 bar phrase that is repeated I think it would be a major improvement. Bar 136 to 151 are amazing!

I have no idea whether I do or don't like the outro. On the once hand it could be a nice contrast - from full and raging to nothing. On the other hand it kind of just...stops. How about a band fade out and then play what you've already got there play on top of that?

Anyway, there is my critique. Good work with the songs! I can tell that a lot of time, thought and effort has been put into these. Keep writing! \m/
Thank you for the nice, developing comments. I shall consider the ideas regarding the second half of the 7/4 breakdown in "The Cascade", sounds like it could turn out really cool. Going to rewrite it pronto! Regarding the ending of the song, let us say that lyrically, "Kaskaden" (The Cascade in Swedish) is kind of the emotional climax on the album, and that the arrangement dies down to just a clean guitar and piano after the epic rampage fits with the mood built up by the vocals. But of course, only I know that so I see your point And regarding the slowdown, well, if I would be able to pull of the fast solo in this song (which at least I consider to be pretty damn technical), I don't think that some kind of slowdown would be a problem. And of course, if the song would be played live, simplification is not an impossibility.

And regarding "The Drowning", I've heard a fair share of criticism towards the abrupt ending. The prototype of the song was called "The Dying", and the abruptness would symbolize, well, death. I changed the lyrics and arrangement to make it about a bad dream I had - funnily, the metaphor about the crying giant smashing stuff isn't too far off. Mission completed, I presume. And as with all the songs, I'm going to try to reinvent the drumming - as I've said, I'm not much of a drummer, and with what I've written in GuitarPro, I'm just showing the general intensity of the drumming, and not what I actually find to be the best beats for the given riff. And as the lack of breakdowns might show, I'm just not that much of a rhythm guy

And thanks for the good crit on "Through Hollow Corridors" - I know I totally killed the solo, but I wanted to try something... different, you know. Some people have liked it, and I totally respect that you hated it. Regarding the bright section at bar 42 - I know ! But I just couldn't let go of it once I had written it down - I basically added it just so that the bridge could move to the verse smoothly, as they are in different keys.
I listened to "The Drowning".

Into is good, although a transition into the deep chords, such as a reverse cymbal, could be used to good effect rather than just the chords starting out of nowhere. The chords used are good, and I like the use of dissonance and resolve, the D#Dim to the C#5. The Piano and string overtones are good.

Andas occurs too suddenly in Tux Guitar, like the kind of sudden that isn't good. But, the piano part itself is good, and with a proper transition should work well. Following section is also good.

I like the chordal choice in stick, as I'm a sucker to Maj7 chords.

The mini solo at 84 and onward is good although it doesn't seem to transition into Spanning well. Spanning is a great section, although the D#Dim chord, the tritone chord, could have too much dissonance too suddenly.

Guitar Solo is good, Nice themes, and segues into Episkt well. The rest of the material is structure repeats until the outro, which is very nice and ends the song well, albeit its long and could possibly drag.

The only problem I'm finding with any of this material is the lack of transition when its in Guitar Pro format.

If you wouldn't mind, could you crit Consumed in my sig?
Quote by Life Is Brutal

The only problem I'm finding with any of this material is the lack of transition when its in Guitar Pro format.

If you wouldn't mind, could you crit Consumed in my sig?

The sudden transitions in The Drowning are mostly intentional - it is supposed to have "stop-start" dynamics. But I guess GuitarPro is not really the best way to convey them.

Ah well, guess I'll just have to suck it up, get myself a band, and start recording then. If the material has the potential, that is. And I'll crit your song, no problems man!
It Came From the Skies:
I think your way of voicing the percussive organ sounds great, almost haunted, I don't know, but it fits this intro really well. Great piano work as well, very simple of course, but it goes with the piece.

Even at this point (it goes for the rest as well) I do feel like the drums are lacking a bit. I get that you're keeping them simple for a reason, but they felt a bit lifeless in lack of a better word, try using some fills or adding some cymbals! Strong chorus though (even though some of the fingerings for the first guitars seem hard ) and creepy outro with the organ yet again, I like it a lot. For a soft piece it sets the mood well for the rest of the album. Good work!
I'm going to be a badass mofo and I'm going to crit them all: yeah I'm that bored Just gimme a second, just got out of the shower

EDIT: So here it goes! But I have a condition though: help me spread around the word of my internet project (Hypoxia) when we're done recording and mastering material, I'mm PM you with links or smth so you can spread to your metalhead friends, enemies, wtv. Also crit my neoclassical piano piece, if you don't mind
And I won't probably do this all in one sitting, depending how it goes lol.
So to the intro:
- It Came From The Skies: It starts off with a nice, soothing intro. Liking the percursive organ use, sounds like it was tracked on reverse and played backwards. The drums enter quite smoothly, although I don't like the cymbal hit at 8 and would rather have a drum fill. Then the clean guitar enters with a repetitive but fitting lick. Would also rather have a nice clean intro solo. The distortion kicks in, liking the melodic but slightly dissonant riffing over slow double bass drumming. Then the percursive organ goes solo, with a weird riff chang at 45, but somehow fitting, since it sounds like a fast delay setting was just turned on.
Onto the next song:
- Will Rise Again: Listening this time around with RSE, since I noticed the Wah use on the guitar track. Liking the trippy but melodic intro riff, and the clean guitar lick that soon enters. The drums sound weird, since they stop after 4 beats. Liking the fade in dist riffing. Then comes a drumless clean break. Liking it alot, but would rather have the wah riff stop right away. Liking the return to the distortion. Nice variation of a previously used riff, like the chromatic aspect of it. Then another groovy, clean break. Liking the simple, but efficient bass riffing. Another return to distortion, this time with a brand new riff. Liking it alot, but it soons breaks into another riff with more nice wah use. Return to a variation of a previously used riff, doesn't sound tiring at all. New riff comes in, more melodic approach but still nice. Like the more Melodeathish sound of witth. Soon after it the guitars harmonize together for a while, pretty nice, and then a clean break with a nice quick clean solo, liking it alot. Another nice riff comes in, smooth transition to distortion, liking it alot. Return to a previous melodic riff, and it ends a bit too soon IMO. I would have repeated it at least 4 times.
Onto the third song:
- Through Hollow Corridors: Weird dissonant introish thing, but I like it. Nice groovy intro riff. It soon breaks down into a nice variation of the same riff, with a pretty nice melodic ending. Liking the next riff. The next riff with the high lead is pretty nice, liking how it flows to a slightly obscure riff with a very interesting turn. A short melodic bridge and it flows to the variation of the first riff, doesn't sound repetitive. Liking the obscure riff that comes afterwards. Then it comes a previously used melodic riff, doesn't sound tiring, that transitions to an awesome pre-solo and solo section, pretty sweet licks going on. Liking the way it ends with the tritones. 82 is quite WTF and slighly funny, would be better withouth it. A previous melodic riff comes again, wich transtitions to another melodic riff, but this time with a nice key change, with transitions like butter to the first riff, then coming to a full stop. The weird keyboard dissonant chord is heard again, liking it better than the intro.
Fourth song:
- Terminate: I bet this song is br0000tuhl with such a name. Quite the opposite Some nice melodeath riff kicks in with some fast paced drumming, pretty nice and straighfoward. The next, more power chordy riff is pretty awesome. The next clean break is also pretty nice. Liking the synth use, although the keyboard tone is quite cheesy lol. Then it comes again the first melodic riff, doesn't sound tiring, wich transitions to a pretty nice melodic bridge. Liking the pedal riff afterwards, and the synths that come after it. The next harmonized riff is also pretty nice. Return into the pedal riff, doesn't sound tiring. Abrupt, but fitting end: pretty fitting for such straighfoward piece.
Fifth song:
- The Drowning: Starts off with a nice clean chord strum, and then a full band intro, with really awesome melodeath riffing. Really liking it. Then a full stop with a piano solo, pretty beautiful I must say. Loving the drum reverb, and the slow atmosphere of this part. Then the dist kicks in again, pretty melancholic riff, really liking it. Another clean break, beautifully executed, with a nice soloish lead. Liking the folowing clean riff, and how it transtitons to distort. The guitar solo is pretty slowish, but somehow it fits. The keyboards really shine in the part. Liking the octave part. Then it comeas again the dissonant yet melodic riff, used previously. The intro riff kicks in again, sounding fitting. The outro sounds amazing. This is probably, as you can tell, my favourite song in the album (so far). Wasn't expecting the clean riffing, and the clean solo. Didn't it say outro? Still awesome. Another solo kicks in, as good as the previous one. Another clean break with some synths, so soothing, really ****ing nice. Loving the nice, long fadeout, if this is the real outro
Sixth songz:
- Timefull ololololol (lame joke, but its 04:15 AM in here and I'm getting kind of sleepy sleepy)
Another wah oriented song I guess. Loving the intro riff. The synth vibrato sounds weird though. And its kind of ****ed up: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't sound, even with the volume at 16. Weird. Liking the melodic end of the riff, and the harmonized riffing that follows. Pretty awesome I must say, this is one of those songs you know you put your feelings into it (sounds cheesy, but it's true) Liking the weak distortion that kicks in with the drums, sounds fitting in such a relaxing track. Oopsie I was wrong, the distortion kicked in. Really liking the melodic riff that comes aftewards, and the bridge with a weird twist. The intro riff kicks in again, pretty nice still, liking the usage of the same melodic riffing as used in the intro, with the delay and power chord distorted backing, sounding awesome. Then it comes another nice break, with a nice fade out. Loving the synth ending. Another awesome song, that ranks up with the 2 previous ones as the best of this album (at least so far lol)
Seventh song:
- I Am Your Nightmares: I skimmed through the first post, so I know alread that this is a soft song, won't be unexpected this time
A really nice melodic riff kicks in, loving the tremolo strings usage. Another guitar kicks in, playng some distorted chords, pretty nice. The piano kicks in, and soon afterwards some drum fills complement the riffing. Pretty nice, and the drumming keeps the melodic riffing quite groovy, wich sounds wierd but it works. Nice piano break, and nice following riff. Another piano break comes in, and I noticed that this time around is complemented by some nice rhodes playing. The melodic riff complemented with the piano kicks in again, still doesn't sound tiring. The next riff is really awesome, loving it when the heavier distortion kicks in. But it soon breaks off. This happens for a few bars, and it sounds nice, since all instruments kick in one by one this way. A previously used melodic riff kicks in, and afterwards, a epic melodic riff with awesome keyboards comes in. Loving the next riff, with weird twists, and the double bass in the repetition, but the crash cymbal is distracting and unfitting. The next riffing is heavier and more old school, pretty nice, but soon breaks into a previously used melodic riff, with some high chords for a change. Loving the outro, pretty awesome aswell. Another awesome track.
Next song yow,
- The Black Rain Of Scorn: Starts off with a nice intro, with a nice melodic tremollo riff, wich soon transitions into some awesome drum fills. The gun shot sound and the seashore seem quite random in the piano break, still nice. The next riff is pretty nice, but the next tremollo picked lead is the one that really shines. Liking the return to the drumfills, and the melodic riffing with a nice lead over it. A previously used melodic riff kicks in, still sounds nice. The tremollo picked melodic riff comes in again, but is soon complemented by a guitar note that feedback. Really liking the harmonized riffing in the next section. The melodeath riffing that follows is also pretty sick. Love the interaction between the these riffs. The outro is pretty soothing, like alot of the riffing in this album Loving listening to the harmonized section again, this time in clean. It ends with a nice big chord, quite the adequate ending IMO.
Eight song, and my back is getting sore atm: (Cont.)
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- The Cascade: Already critted this song, so no need lol. But if you're feeling lazy:
"Another crit, here we go!
Starts off with an evil riff over a skank beat, kind of generic, but still nice. Like the guitars playing complementing riffs at at 8, pretty nice. Verse features some nice bass riffing over palmuted riffing, sounds nice, although more interesting guitarr riffing in this part would be nicer, then it comes a nice melodic break and a reintro, stll nice, not tiring at all. Then it comes the verse riff again. I like the use of 7/4 in the Instrumental part, and the epic riffing that follows, pretty awesome. The guitar solo is pretty nice, I like the fact that is kind of a "guitar battle", in my band we do that alot, it sounds and it is fun. The second solo starts with mindless sweeping and then it changes into pentatonic-like rape, wich is pretty cool. The first riff repeats for the third time, it's getting kind of bored again, but then it comes the verse riff again, with a badass decrescendo into an epic string section. Like it alot, but why is it so low in the mix? I cranked the ****ers up and relistened to a couple of riff and the piano and strings really complement the riffing, kind of like Fleshgod Apocalypse's new album. Now, back to the string section. Then it comes the piano, sounds really atmospheric and epic when the other set of strings come in. The riff that follows is pretty awesome, generic, but hey, who cares. The melody changes in 135, and it sounds really good, reminds me of epic melodeath. The next section, with the piano and clean guitar sounds so mellow and awesome, pretty nice ending."
And now, finally the outro. Not because the album was tiring (I tought it was pretty awesome, get a band and record it srsly), because I'm feeling like going to bedy bedy making some sleepy sleepy.
- What If...: Liking the title, adequate for an outro. The first riff starts off fine, although this riff feels more poppy than the rest of the material. Liking the piano riffing in the repetition though. And the keyboard break is nice, but the slides sound incredibly hilarious The following riff is nice, groovy and all. Next riff is pretty nice, although terribly generic, and poppy again. Liking the chromatic feel of the next riff and the wah lead is pretty nice. The following riff is more Melodeathish, and pretty nice. Liking the next riff alot. Goes back to the power chord riff again, doesn't sound tiring. Liking the following riff and the harmonization in the repetition. The riff that follows has some sick bass riffing. Goes back to the chromatic riff again, doesn't sound tiring. Liking the key change in the folllowing riff. I like how it goes back to the original key for the keyboard break, pretty nice. Wasn't expecting more riffing, the clean riff is amazing, specially when the second guitar kicks in, so awesome. The chord at 183 makes me smile.
- As an album, is pretty solid, although there are tracks that shine way more than others. IMO "Terminate", "The Drowning", "Timeless", "I Am Your Nightmares", "The Black Rain of Scorn" and "The Cascade" are what makes this album worth to listen to. Both are melodic, melancholic and beautifull on their own, having enough hooks to keep you interested. The rest of the songs are dispensable, since honestly, I wasn't liking this album much intill it got to "Terminate". The other songs somehow fail to be as good and as memorable as the others, and "What If" felt quite weak for an outro, since I was expecting something alot more epic. Ending this album with a song like "Timeless" or "The Drowning" would make it alot more epic and complete.
Also, if you ever record this and want someone to growl over, I'll do it, just gimme the lyrics and time to learn
EDIT: This is amazingly ****ing long, **** I do have alot of patience
EDIT2: And I almost forgot, here it is: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1469288
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I'm going to try my best to find some people who share my musical ambition/vision and record the shit out of some of these songs. The Drowning, Timeless and I Am Your Nightmares won't be that much of a problem, since they aren't very technical at all, but to find someone who can play the second solo in The Cascade.... Well I guess some people can.

And thank you for comments on all the songs. That you liked 6 out 10 songs is very nice for me to hear, especially since I cover quite a lot of different genres of metal (not that I personally give two shits about genre, though) on the album.

I'll crit everything I can find from you, no problems man. You made my day.

EDIT: And thank you for introducing me to Fleshgod Apocalypse. Badass band.
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Responding to your want of a crit on "The Black Rain of Scorn".

Intro is good, very powermetal-esque.

Piano is good, great themes and thematics. 33 is great, and is a good combination of both the guitars and piano. There seems to be some kind of improper resolve at 41 so it doesn't quite seem complete and adds some problems to the transition of it, IMO.

41 is a good section, and I like the overtone themes, which seem to be very well orchestrated. The material following is all repeated material, which is good and adds structure and reiteration.

99 is quite a different break of pace from the previous material, and while its good it doesn't have much resemble the previous sound until harmonization at 107. I should say I dislike your use of abysmal tempos to add length rather than adding extras bars.

Outro is good, and fits the song very well.

And actually, I would love to hear a combo of classical piano and brutal death metal - ah well, guess I'm going to have to write it myself then.

Would Avidity in my sig be something you're looking for? Also, I second Fleshgod Apocalypse for classical piano/Brutal Death metal.
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Would Avidity in my sig be something you're looking for? Also, I second Fleshgod Apocalypse for classical piano/Brutal Death metal.

I already mentioned, and I guess he already knows them since he mentioned they kickass. I think he was talking about mixing Devourment-esque slam riffing with an orquestra or such, would sound weird as hell
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