Hey there, Ultimate-Guitar.com bassists! I've been playing bass for about two years now, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some simple-intermediate Bluesy riffs. Any key is fine. If you could help, that'd be awesome! I believe in you guys =).
Rather than give you specific "riffs" let me point you out a few good players to explore.

Tommy Shannon. He was Stevie Ray Vaughn's bass player. He did some amazingly creative things with bass lines and turnaround's that are worth learning. Just learn the bass line to "Pride and Joy" and you'll see what I am talking about.

Russel Jackson. Russell played with B.B. King. Someone on this forum once said you could do worse to sit one summer and play along with B.B. King's records during Russell's tenure.

I currently play in a blues/rock/R and B trio. My advice is to listen and learn interesting turnarounds and walk ups and walk downs between chord changes. Learn to anticipate these with a guitarist and a drummer. And develop a serious pocket feel in your playing.
Ed Friedland wrote an excellent introduction to blues bass. Don't know if you're looking for an introductory to the style but even if you have the basics down and its filled with blues standards, turnarounds, intros, stops, kicks, and more. Currently working through it myself and having a blast, the writing style is excellent.
Jack Bruce of Cream is a good place to start IMO. crossroads blues and outside woman blues are good blues basslines.
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Thank you all for your suggestions, they are quite helpful. I will definitely need to check out that book! As for the suggestions as to what bassists to look up, thank you. Thanks again for helping!