Great stuff man, I normally don't listen to stuff like that, (even though I just recorded something similar ) but I thought it was very good. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The recording was top notch. Great drums, focal point and yet not. And the guitar bits were really cool. Honestly, I wish I could write as well as that, and have it mesh that well with the keys and drums.

All in all, great music.
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Dude, this is amazing! Only thing I was thinking the whole time listening to the song "wow this sounds just like something pink floyd would make", and you should take that as a huge compliment! You have great ideas in this song and how everything flows I can honestly is perfect. I'm not sure if you have influence from floyd or not but you really have their classic sound down and this is just really enjoyable to listen to!

In my honest opninion this deserves way more views/comments, really, great work.
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Thank you very very much for the kind words everyone! I really appreciate it, and i'm also a bit shocked that you liked it so much.

I do love Floyd, so that is a huge compliment, and i'm delighted you compared my stuff to theirs

Thanks again, your enjoyment makes it all worth it