Hey, just wondering if anyone has experimented with putting an electric (specifically a Gretsch electromatic hollowbody) through an acoustic amp. I have a Fender Blues Jr but it's waaaay more power than I need and I play my acoustic a lot more than electric anyways.

Also, any reviews for the Fishman loudbox mini? There's a great deal at the local guitar center, but if it's a crappy amp I'm not gonna waste the $300 when it only comes with a mic and mic stand.

Any word back on this would be great! I don't know much about amps at all

I have a Yamaha Pacifica P12 using a clean behringer acoustic amplifier, its almost as good and has almost the same sound as a fender stratocaster, it sounds beautiful when clean and you could put a few distortion pedals if you decide to go heavy, I found it financially balanced and well spent, the amp costed me around 80$? I don't know, I got it aroung 60 Bahraini dinars, perfect.
I've played an acoustic through my cube 15x and it sounded fine. Not sure about an electric through an acoustic amp though.
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It will work, but don't be surprised if it doesn't sound good. Acoustic guitars with electric output have different pickups and often a built-in EQ and preamp. It's a very different system.

And if you're only using it for clean practice why even spend $300? $200 would get you a new Bugera V5, and for under $150 you could get a Vox Pathfinder. Go used and you can find all kinds of great solid-state (not modeling) amps for under $100.
I know it will work. I am just not sure about the sound. I never use distortion or any of that other nonsense. I always have my guitar "clean" sounding, even when I play places. I can't afford to buy an acoustic amp without selling my Blues Jr. and I would really use the acoustic a lot more. It's a lot more portable and has the mic input that would be veryyyy convenient. Thanks so far!