So I've been a long time fan of Hate Eternal and always dug the rawness of Erik's guitar tone both live and on the recordings. I had the rare honour of seeing them live in Vancouver just a short while back and got a quick glimpse at his monster stereo rig.

A quick disclaimer, the order of effects in his signal path is unclear so I'll do my best.

It starts with his BC Rich Ironbirds. He seems to prefer passive pickups as opposed to the cliché active EMGs or the like. Moving onto pedals, he seems to be running two pedal boards. One by his feet and the other by his amps. Let's start with the one by his feet which would logically be the first in line.

Going from right to left, his Ironbird runs into a BOSS GE-7 Equalizer which in turn runs into what I assume is a BOSS pedal of the RV series judging by his use of delays and reverbs. This in turn runs into a Morley Bad Horsie wah wah which then heads off to his second board. These three pedals are all powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power unit.

From his wah wah, his might is channeled into a BOSS TU-2 or TU-3 which then proceeds into a Maxon OD808 which he apparently loves and then into a BOSS NS-2. To the left of his NS-2 I noticed something with lights and a couple of buttons leading me to believe that it was an A/B/Y box which would make sense since he does split into stereo.
His split signal then runs into both a Marshall DSL 2000 and an ENGL Powerball. Both heads are behind him on the stage and each have their own Marshall cab however there is another Marshall cab on the opposite side of the stage which makes this stereo rig even stereoier.
A quick note, the 808 is only a boost as he is still running his amps crazy raw.
It's not exactly a purists dream rig of plug'n'play but it gets the job done and if I do say so myself, is heavy as a mother****er.

The two images included are one of his front board and the other is of the 808, NS-2 and mystery splitter box and the following link is simply him demonstrating his tone and 808.

I hope I covered everything that needed to be covered and keep the Lake Ablaze with your Fury and Flames!