It sounds ehh. It just seems like after I tune down past D standard that it's just low and boomy, but my bass loses it's tone. Is it just my bass, is anything past D just better for 5 strings, what?
It could be the strings, pickups, scale length or bass amp.

Thicker strings handle low tunings better.
Crap pickups are crap.
35" scale is better for drop tuning.
Smaller speakers tend to miss the lowest frequencies.
The bass could also sound low and boomy due to "dead" strings? It mightn't be an issue in standard because you;re accustomed to that kind of percussive sound on the E or D but's TOO dead for the C? I had this problem with my P-bass which is the reason I decided to get it new strings for the first time after almost 2 years. Heavier strings will help get a bit more clarity in the sound and the longer scale length would increase the tension, making it easier to play and also ruling out the need for thicker strings. Could also be your pickup/s or Eq :/
I have a low C, I use a .126 gauge string for it, no problems at all.

edit: i'm using a 34" bass too
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Get your bass set up properly for C tuning. Done.
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Quote by consecutive e
Get your bass set up properly for C tuning. Done.


Haha... i've done C standard on a shortscale 30" bass with a 105 gauge string that sounded great after a good setup.
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