A few weeks ago i was at my local pawn shop and a guitar caught my eye it had a strat looking body and a floyd rose and someone had put in a seymour duncan and sanded the paint off.. the price tag was a 150 dollars i picked it up and i swear it was the best playing guitar id ever touched i asked about it and the owner said it had just came in i asked him to hold the guitar for me and id be back in an hour to buy it unfortunatly i dont think he took me seriously and said he would not hold the guitar. i came back in about an hour later and another man was holding it and shredding on it with his friend laughing i watched praying they would put it back down but nope he walked out with the guitar. i didnt even know what model the guitar was so i did some reasearch and found out it was an epiphone 935i. i have not been able to find another one anywhere.
epiphone also realeased the usa pro series that looks very similar...

does anyone know anything about the i series and the pro series?

does anyone know where an epiphone 935i can be found for sale?