Long story short. My small pedal case was stolen out of my garage and I need to replace a few pedals. The tuner and chorus are easy, but I need a good recommendation on a distortion pedal.

So...help me out, recommend away and let me know WHY you would recommend said pedal.

And no Boss pedals. Been there, done that.


You didn't say how much you wanted (or didn't want) to spend!

Budget aside, the EBS Metal Drive is a good one - if you can find it. It is geared toward the heavier tones, but it has a lot of useable distortion options on tap:

The Soundblox Multi-Wave Distortion seems to be about the most versatile bass distortion box I've come across. Like the EBS, there are many useable tones on tap. Sadly, it is as difficult to find in a store as the EBS:

The Fishman Fission Bass is brand new, but the review I read said it was fantastic. You might want to wait until it becomes available in your neck of the woods. It is not a straight distortion box, but it certainly looks like a winner:

And of course, Ibanez has released a bass version of its legendary Tube Screamer. If it is as good as the guitar version, it might well find itself at the top of your list. Like the Fishman, it is too new for me to have had a chance to try it:

These are a few that aren't the usual EHX or Boss, and I can unhesitatingly recommend the EBS from personal experience. It has a great sound, the build quality is excellent and it seems very, very tweakable.
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I recommend these.

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+1 on the Source Audio. The Youtube demo makes me GAS. Hard. Youtube link.
Actually come to think of it, all the Source Audio demos make me GAS hard.

EDIT: They run about $119 USD on eBay iirc.
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Tried the bass tube screamer a few months back, turns out an OD people only use for a boost doesn't actually sound good at all as an OD or distortion--absolutely horrible sounding pedal on the bass even though I've enjoyed TS clones on it in the past, plus the mix knob didn't do a whole hell of a lot of anything.

Right now I'm using the GGG muff for both distortion and more over the top fuzz tones. I've also used the BBE AM64 pedal and it cuts a little bit of lows but works pretty darn well on bass, I think it's a guv'nor clone, but could be off on that.

Another GGG clone of the Red Llama has been working pretty well for me for lighter overdrive that doesn't lose any low end.