I'm probably gonna be buying a set of pickups tonight for a Squier that I've had for a few years. I've really been GASing for a Strat for awhile and I figured a pickup swap would hold me over for awhile.

I'm thinking about getting a used set from a USA Standard or one of the GFS 60's Premium sets. In my head I'm figuring "they're pickups from a USA Standard Strat, the guitar that half of rock history was written on. Must be pretty decent." But on the other hand I've read rave reviews on Guitar Fetish pickups and they'll save me $20-30.

Anything's an upgrade from the original Squier pickups. But are the American Standards worth the extra cash?
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They are okay, but I think you are going to buy new pickups you are better off going with something noiseless. I like the Dimarzio Area pickups which are based on vintage strat (read: Hendrix style) pickups, as well as the Seymour Duncan Classic stacks and cool rails for more of a humbucking tone. They are really worth the extra cash. With dimarzio you can even buy a pre-wired pickguard with different sets of pickups.
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Get used Fender pickups from someone upgrading a USA Strat. I see brand new USA Fender pickup sets on the New York City Craigslist every week, you can probably convince someone to ship you a set. Or just go eBay.