Hey guys, I've had a 5 string for like a year now, and so far I dont use the B string for much besides a place to rest my thumb when I play. I need to change that..

I was hoping a few of you could give me a few good songs or bands that use 5 string basses. I mostly listen to metal, but I'm open to just about anything really. Just dont give me anything too extreme; I'm not really that good (bass is like my third instrument..).

Thanks ^-^

Oh yeah, dont say Korn. Just... No.
Here have a waffle!
Why not KoRn?
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I hate Korn.. I listened to them like nonstop when I was younger, and now I just cant stand to hear them.
I'll probably just suck it up and learn a few songs though, they had some pretty sick basslines.
Here have a waffle!
Not too extreme eh?

Well "Victa" by Victor Wooten is a pretty easy one, although it's jazz/funk.
"Forsaken" by Dream Theater
That's all I can think of right now. I've had a hard time coming up with anything for 5 string myself.
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Try play the regulur four-string songs on a five i mean instead of playing open E you play it on the 5'th fret on the B'string
and so on?
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I'm open to just about anything really

try to play gorillaz they play... well just about anything really
I like shotguns. thats all you need to know
I don't know of many bands that play easier 5 string bass songs but I do often play Dream Theater and sometimes Protest The Hero, the basslines can be very technical though.
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Demon Hunter isn't too complicated and a lot of their stuff is in drop B. (which can easily be translated to B standard)
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I reccomend In Flames, their basslines are easy, groovy and diverse. You can also try to play 4 stringed songs and transpose Higher notes down an octave on the B string. It tends to give some easy listening songs more depth
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i know Nickleback has a 5 string bassist, also alot of screamo bands, e.g. Parkway Drive, BMTH, Black Veil Brides, etc, thats what i'm gonna be using mine for anyway when i get like another £300/:
Finger Eleven have SICK basslines for 5 strings. Gives you some ideas on how to use when playin with guitars in standard (as opposed to doubling deathmetal bands in drop B)

Protest the hero used a 5 on Fortress and beyond. Not all of the songs use it. Bone Marrow does though.
Cannibal Corpse used a 5 on their new albums. Theres also Obscura that uses a 6 but you can play on a 5. New Trivium is played on a 5.
Also BTBAM is probably the best 5 string songs Ive ever played. If you dont mind tuning to Ab.

If the 2nd paragraph may be a little techinical.

Death's last 2 albums use 5 I think. Festering in the Crypts by CC is good. I also sometimes bring some songs down the octave using my 5.
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Doesn't Rob Trujillo of Metallica use a 5-string bass?

Yeah, a couple of songs off of Death Magnetic are played on a 5-er, I just don't remember which ones off the top of my head
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I'm going to use Ben's favourite phrase here.

Any song you play on 4 you can play on a 5 with more efficient hand movement. Its one of the main reasons I love my 6er.