We’re a long way from the cottage pond,
And the deserted hallways at 10 o clock,
And the sandstone of the walls that keep the light out.

Now we’re bunking with the living dead,
As we come to realise that we are one of them,
Then they cut us open and they steal our hearts,
They made us stronger just to pin us down.

We always knew this day was coming,
But we never knew the repercussions,
You can stomp our legs, and collapse our lungs,
But we will fight back with every ounce of blood you take.

We never lived at all,
We only loved what we were taught,
Now it’s too late to fight the power,
We’re spinning on a thumb tack,
Hanging from the tower,
We never lived at all.

Remember the autumn days when we would pretend that we were lying on the beach?
The water rising to our knees, I do.
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