Hi guys, ive been looking around for a new practice amp currently i have a line 6 spider IV 30 watt and i dont like the sound of it all, it sounds to bassy. so im looking for a amp to play pantera,metallica,megadeth i have been looking into the randall solid state combos and i like the sound they have because im going for a dimebag sort of tone my budget is up to $1,000 and i just wanted to get some suggestions from you guys into some other stuff to check out.
i want the amp for just practicing in my room, sorry i wasn't more specific
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i want the amp for just practicing in my room, sorry i wasn't more specific

You're going to run into a lot of personal preference your budget is basically way more than you need for a bed room amp.

I'll put two amps that would be good choices

Vox Valvetronix VT40+ IMHO it sounds less digital than other modeling amps.

Peavy Vypyr Roland Cube etc...

Now if you're really willing to spend $1000 here is one of the best amps you'll ever play


You might not be gigging now but that could change.

The Carvin V3 micro is super versatile tone wise one or two stomp boxes are all you'll ever need.

One of the really cool things it can do is being able to set the power from 50/22/7 watts
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if ur willing to spend a thousand bucks get a jcm combo or half stack. but if you want a normal practice amp you don't need to spend even half of that.

there are a couple things you could do but i'll suggest this for you. get a fender g-dec and then buy amplitube. the software for the g-dec (fuse) is free and really good. amplitube will allow you so many options. it is one of the best amp modeling softwares i have ever heard and it is ridiculously customizable. the g-dec can be connected right to your computer via usb. you can then use either fuse or amplitube to even further modify your tone. and the amp can act as a medium so that you can record right to something like garage band, ableton, etc...
thanks for the help guys, im gonna go with the carvin v3 micro i like the selectable wattage feature