Great energy man I really enjoyed the way you projected emotion in your vocals. My only critique would be your strumming. You're very intense with it from the first chorus on, about 1:02 in. I think it works great in the chorus' but when you hit the next verse you keep it up the intensity. I would relax on your verses so your choruses sound that much bigger by comparison. Otherwise, you sound great, I'm a fan of your voice.

For a contest entry, I would've also picked a different location if you don't have any equipment to record a bit more professionally. But I really liked when you picked everything up in the first chorus and throughout. Nice chord progression as well. Sometimes you miss some vocal notes in favor of intensity though, which is kind of a no-no to me. I think it's more important to perform the song well at first (especially in a contest) and then worry about bringing the intensity. Think about how you'd sing the song if it were a slow piano tune. That'll make you think about the notes specifically. Then you can bring the grunge back : )
I really liked this, you seem very passionate and your voice is nice, I hope you get the gig dude. Is there somewhere that I can vote for you to play?
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When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....
youtube views is 50% of the contest, 50% judges opinion. I am in 9th place as of right now in views. I am trying to get to 5th place, because the top 5 people get the chance to play for the judges live.
hey man not to bad, it seems like a good song, just needs some tightening up. to start, the guitar just seems a little clumsy to me, work on ur picking in the intro and make the srtumming alittle more smooth, vocally, u put alot of emotion into it wich works, its pretty pitchy at times (esp the chorus) but its not terrible. work on some dynamics and itll be pretty good!
I don't understand why everyone is being so harsh on vocals/playing... Yeah, intro was a bit sloppy, some minor mistakes. What matters more is that the song is catchy and vocals are pretty good for the most part, the singing is very emotional (which is good in this case).

Nice song, good luck with the contest.
Kombat Gear:

          The playing is a little off, I would of chosen a quieter song that I know how to play well. Because the guitar drowns you out during the verses and the beginning is a little messy, so right from the start people will think less of it. You need to get a lot more control on your voice, you're pretty powerful, just need a lot more control. Thanks for the crit Goodluck
          This was great. I noticed the singing was off at times, but it wasn't terrible. It was very listenable. In fact, I was listening to this while I ate dinner so I could save a bit of time haha.
          I'm sensing a bit of Foo Fighters-ish kinda sound, which I definitely enjoy. It's very well done, I like the guitar playing and the chord progressions, the only advice I can give is to work with the singing a bit more. It's not bad singing, it's just off on some parts. But otherwise excellent!
          The beginning was a little bit sloppy but later The song got better, you seem to be very passionate about what you are doing and it's great. The song itself was really nice, so I wish you luck and Keep up the good work.

          Like the others said, you've got passion and emotion. But sometimes it got a little shakey on the vocals. You have a nice voice though. And the guitar was good except for one part which sounds like there's some added beat or something, which I don't know if you intended but it sounds kinda awkward imo. All in all good song, just could use a little tightening up on the vocals.
          Nice vocals man!
          I would be easier on those strums, lol.
          Good tune indeed.

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